Fuck Yeah, Andy (Six) Biersack!
i have a few questions does andy have any siblings? do you know what kind of makeup they use? and is he as nice in person as I think he would be? I've heard a lot of really good and funny things about him in person, but ive heard a couple stories that he isn't very nice. I'm gonna meet him in a few days at the show in my hometown and im nervous XD!!!!

Andy is an only child. They use Mehron makeup, and oh my gosh yes Andy is so nice! The sweetest most lovable human being. He is super funny too. The only thing I’ve heard people say about meeting him that was maybe “negative” was that he wasn’t as talkative as they had heard he was. Those people probably caught him having a bad day. He is human after all, and I think that counts for maybe like 2 people out of the entire army that he didn’t live up to expectations for haha. I can pretty much guarantee that you will have a great time meeting him. Don’t be nervous, be excited! And don’t be afraid to make conversation with him, though he probably will first ;). He loves to chat and interact with ALL of his fans. <3